The story behind our Fresh Mint Green Tea

Provident possimus non modi

Fresh Mint Green Tea is one of the most popular drinks on our menu. This comes with good reason. We spent a great deal of time in perfecting the drink by adding our own stamp to the traditional Moroccan tea.

Where the inspiration came from

The hugely popular Moroccan mint tea was our inspiration for this glass, but we were enthusiastic about serving our own take on the drink. Traditionally made of mint, loose gunpowder green tea and sugar, Moroccan tea is served in a Moroccan teapot. The "gunpowder" refers to the compression of the dried tea leaves into tiny pellets; the more compact, the better the quality.With many health benefits in green tea and in mint, we knew we wanted this to be a staple on our menu. A few of the health benefits include: the relief of symptoms of digestion issues, cold and flu, being a powerful antioxidant that protects the body against the formation of cancerous cells and helping to combat skin problems.It is a drink of long tradition in Morocco, served at any time of day on any day of the week, and served to guests as a sign of friendship. With this in mind, we proceeded to explore how we could put a Damascena stamp on this Moroccan drink.


The first thing we adjusted was how the tea is served. We appreciate a small cup of tea from a pot isn’t always enough for everyone, so to have your own individual glass would mean you could have as much or as little as you like! Aside from this, it would ensure every cup is perfect, with tastes of just the right amount of every ingredient. We liked how the tea looked in the glass, and believed we had a great idea to make it look (and taste!) even better…Aside from making it look beautiful, we like that with our glasses, the customer can control the strength of the tea. You may decide to take the contents from the cup when happy with the strength, or just leave it and enjoy the tea as the leaves do their job and tastes get stronger. In a pot it would be hard to do this, as you can’t observe the changing colour of the tea. For us, a glass seemed like the obvious solution!

Altering the tea and making our mark!

When looking into how we could perfect the Fresh Mint Tea for Damascena tastes, we first decided to adjust the method. The process of making Moroccan Tea is to boil for a while, which sometimes kills the goodness in the tea and mint. We agreed upon serving the tea at 90 degrees, to ensure the leaves wouldn’t burn and guarantee that all the goodness could stay in your cup!We then decided that using brown sugar in the tea instead of the traditional sugar bricks, added subtle flavours that complemented the mint, giving an overall, out-of-thi- world mint tea experience! This became our sugar of choice, but we didn’t just stop there…Those beautiful sticks you see in our Fresh Mint Tea today, were an idea we had to make the tea look even more delightful. Alongside this, they also added an experience to the tea, as you can add as little or as much sugar as you like, determined by how long the sugar stick is left in the drink. For many years, these beautifully crafted sticks were incredibly hard to out-source, meaning we paid a little extra to ensure your tea was the best it could be.We love those little sugar sticks, they are part of our Mint Tea story, and also a huge part of Damascena’s story.If you've not yet tried our mint tea, please pop by today!

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