Spotlight Wednesday and top vegan picks with the (worlds) Most Adored Manager

Provident possimus non modi

For August’s blog post, we thought we’d give you a bigger #SpotlightWednesday insight into the life of one of our managers, so you can get to know our lovely team even more!Let us introduce you to Razvan…

His role with us 

Razvan started working for us 3 years ago and has done nothing but thrive within our team ever since. Beginning his time with us as a waiter, he’s since had opportunity to grow. He’s always showed huge amounts of enthusiasm to learn and has a personality that could spark a room full of smiles. After learning how to make coffees, he next became one of our best baristas and is now a treasured manager within our little Damascena family. He looks after two teams of wonderful people, managing both our City Centre and Moseley branch.

His personality

Razvan is loved by all: colleagues and customers alike. He’s passionate, principled and compassionate, which makes him the perfect person to lead our staff and welcome our customers. We value the dedication and charisma he brings to Damascena. The moment he steps through our doors, we know it’ll be a great day! He’s great fun to be around and always has a smile on his face. He’s another Damascena treasure and a big part of our family hub.

His words

‘When I started working at Damascena, I couldn’t imagine how much I would grow to love it here! It’s more than just a job to me now. Working at Damascena has proved to be an amazing experience that challenges and encourages me to progress. I am a proud vegan, and I am really happy to work at a place where a team of experienced professionals work on new vegan options every day. Keeping the menu relevant and always up to date! I’ve been having my vegan lunch breaks at work all this time, and the Damascena Kitchen team never cease to amaze me with their creative variations of vegan food!’

His favourite vegan dishes

Damascena Fuul:

‘My favourite dish is Damascena Fuul, I like it so much that sometimes it happens that when I answer the phone, I say “Damascena Fuul” instead of “Damascena”.Made with slow-cooked Fava Beans, Tomato, Onion, Garlic and fresh Chilli – this dish is a favourite among many and is wholly delicious.Black olive and Walnut Fatayer:Another one recommended by Razvan himself – this is a middle eastern pastry that boasts full of flavour and goodness.

Other vegan options to explore on our menu


Falafel is often seen as a vegan favourite that can sometimes get boring. But not with us! Our crispy falafels come with your favourite dip and 2 traditional flatbreads. Meaning you can have your falafels exactly how you like them!

Lentil Soup:

A lunchtime winner, our lentil soup is served with home-made crispy flatbread croutons and a lemon slice. The perfect winter warmer or light lunch to take back to the office. It’s also full of those essential lentils that a vegan diet craves!Vine Leaves:Tangy vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs are a must-try! Believe us, do not leave without trying some!

Appetiser Meze:

If you can’t decide, opt for an Appetiser Meze for a tasting of multiple menu items. This meze comes with Classic Hummus, Avocado Hummus, Baba Ghanuuj, Battata Hara and Vine Leaves served with 2 flatbreads.

Click here view our full Menu and discover your very own vegan favourites!